What makes a car a classic?

What makes a car a classic?

The definition can vary between classic car insurance companies. In the Progressive Classic Car by Hagerty ® program, classics are best defined as “fun to drive” vehicles that maintain or appreciate their value and are used primarily for pleasure.


1967 Ford Mustang
1975 Volkswagen Beetle
Chevrolet Corvette 1980

If your car is not a classic, we will still ensure it. But, you will need a standard auto policy instead. Get an auto insurance quote online.

Classic car insurance rates are on average 39% less than standard car rates

Your classic is not just a car. That’s why your classic car insurance policy is not just a standard car insurance policy. Instead, it’s a very different policy that is designed just for it’s classic and includes more specialized coverages. And your classic or collectible car insurance policy actually costs around $ 276 less than a standard car policy.

Get a quote through Progressive Classic Car by Hagerty, and you’ll get a classic car insurance company you can trust. They are the main provider of classic car insurance in the world, offering insurance for classic and collector cars, trucks, old and old.

Basically, if you are looking for insurance for an old car or even a fun car, there is a chance that Hagerty will cover it. In addition, you will enjoy more coverages that protect your trip and the way you want to navigate. Simply get a classic car insurance quote today to begin.

Guaranteed Value ™ coverage to ensure the true value of your classic

If you have a total loss covered, you will get every penny of the insured value of your car. † No depreciation. Without wasting time. No discomfort When you get your classic car insurance quote, simply tell us the value of your classic and then we will arrange a total payment number. Pretty easy, right?

Coverage of original spare parts
If you have a claim, Hagerty offers original spare parts when possible, and has specialists available to hunt some rare or hard to find. And yes, this coverage of original spare parts is automatically included at no additional cost with your classic or classic car insurance policy.

Flexible use to enjoy your classic to the fullest.
The best collectible car insurance allows you to enjoy your trip the way you want. That’s why with Hagerty’s progressive classic car insurance, you have the freedom to drive to functions, exhibitions, sightseeing tours and even pleasure in the handling of collectible vehicles.

Some things to keep in mind before getting a classic car insurance quote:

In general, to obtain insurance for classic or collector cars, vintage and old, you must park your vehicle in a garage, use it as an additional car, not as your daily vehicle, and keep it in good working order.

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