The publicity you need for your book Where do you start and what do you want?

The publicity you need for your book Where do you start and what do you want?

The publicity you need for your book Where do you start and what do you want?

It is an absolute necessity. If you want to sell your book to the masses, you have to go out and publish it. You need to be on the radio, in magazines and newspapers and on television. The more the public hears about you and your book, the more likely your book will stand out from the hundreds of thousands published each year.

As many of the best-selling authors will tell you, Talk Radio is one of the best and most profitable vehicles for consumers to hear your message. But, with different advertising companies competing for your business, how do you choose the right one? What factors should you look for and which are the most important?

► Experience How important is the experience? Very. You must hire a company that has had years of experience in the promotion of books in radio programs. An expert company knows how to develop an angle of your book that will provide the greatest national exposure. They will know how to write an effective press release that stands out from the rest. And most importantly, they know how to get a positive reaction from the producers that results in a reservation. This is the kind of experience that will ensure that you get quality media locations.

► Quality markets. In what markets will you be heard? If you are paying a company to get interviews with the media, you do not want to be booked into markets smaller than the top 100. There is no doubt that stations in smaller markets have value, but it is not necessary that they pay a high price for someone to fix it for you.

► Quality stations. In what caliber of stations will your interviews take place? The criteria we use to book interviews is no less than 5,000 watts or more on the AM dial. In each market, you will find high power and low power stations. Obviously, the more power a station has, the more people will be listening. So, if you are paying for media interviews, your best return on investment will appear as a guest at larger stations.

► Guarantee What type of guarantee exists? In the book promotion business, you will find some public relations firms whose fees are based on performance and others that charge a monthly unsecured withholding. If you choose, your best option is to work with a performance-based company, since your media locations will be guaranteed.

We hope these four factors will help you in your search for the right advertising company.

Having been in the business of book advertising for almost two decades, we know one or two things about how to generate media attention for books. If you would like to know more about EMSI’s affordable talk radio campaigns, call me or my husband Steve at 727-443-7115, ext. 208. Nothing better than a real-life conversation!

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PS We also offer a number of other essential advertising and publicity services, including television and radio commercials, as well as infomercials. Once we understand more about your book, we can discuss the different options available to create the national enthusiasm that is so crucial to a successful book campaign.

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