marketing introduction

marketing introduction

Online marketing is radically changing the way in which
consumers are related to companies and vice versa.

Online marketing allows small businesses to fight on equal footing against big multi-million dollar budgets.

The reason for this paradox is very simple.

The marketing content reaches the user through the screen of your device, either desktop (PC, Smart TV) or mobile (smartphone, tablet). This screen is the same size for both the corner shoe store and for a multinational online shoe sales, so knowing how to take advantage of the tools that this branch of marketing offers us (most of them also free of charge) is key to being able to do Take off our business.

Throughout this eBook we will be reviewing the different ways of getting our advertising message to customers and users, discussing advantages and disadvantages of each strategy, and focused on the small entrepreneur to achieve the best strategies that fit with the objectives that go searching.

This eBook aims to give small brushstrokes on each of the strategies of digital marketing. The reader can easily expand information about

any of them well consulting bibliography on paper or through web sources. The following graphic shows a small summary of these strategies and how they are interrelated.

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