FTSE sinks into a sea of negative news

FTSE sinks into a sea of negative news

FTSE sinks into a sea of negative news

The FTSE and other European indices are slightly lower, affected by comments from the Federal Reserve, rising tensions over Iran and no signs of a resolution to the Sino-US trade dispute. The increasing possibility that a Brexit is not sold is also eroding the enthusiasm of some investors.

The fall of the shares in the USA. Raise WTI prices

A decrease in the national reserves of crude oil of the EE. UU It has raised oil prices in western Texas overnight with the additional support provided by the creation of tensions between the United States and Iran. WTI won 2% early Wednesday, as it had moved almost 9% more last week amid tensions in the Gulf that threatened to turn into a more serious conflict.

Comments from Fed members boost the dollar

The dollar is a bit stronger as the forex market tries to guess and guess the Fed’s next move. Comments from an FOMC member who says expectations of a rate cut in July are exaggerated have provided the Bulls in dollars a reason to buy.

However, the worsening of the rhetoric about Iran is causing a certain distancing of the dollar and towards safe-haven currencies.

At the moment there seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel for
pound sterling. The more it seems that nothing can challenge the
Boris Johnson’s leadership in the party contest, more sterling is being sold for fear of a no-deal Brexit. The price curve is now a lower clean line, without any counterbalance to the drop.

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