Customer relationship management and CRM software

Customer relationship management and CRM software

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. It is a term used in the field of marketing and sales. Translated into Spanish means management of customer relations, but saying that does not clarify its meaning either, so in this article, I will tell you what a CRM is with normal words.

Definition of CRM with normal words
CRM is a software/program/tool/application in which any conversation that a companion of your company has with a client (or potential client) is kept in a common area and accessible to everyone in your company. These conversations are the emails, calls, meetings, notes, and tasks that arise from day to day in the relationship with customers.

So now, yes, the meaning of “CRM” is understood as “customer relationship management” and “CRM software” as the program that allows it.

What is CRM Software for?
The usefulness is that having all the information of the clients in the same program, organized and with a single click, 3 great benefits appear:

The commercials sell more, thanks to the fact that they can track each and every one of their potential sales with a single click and 100% personalized.

The managers are more productive, thanks to the fact that they gain time by not having to be gathering information from one another through meetings, calls and/or emails.

Improves communication (internal and external), thanks to everyone can know the status of a client and if he has a task to do. So there is never anything left undone.

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In the following video “What is CRM? Customer Relationship Management” I tell you what it is, what problems a CRM software solves, and real examples of use:

Characteristics of a CRM
It is essential that CRM software has the following characteristics:

That can be customized, that is, that adapts to the needs of the company (and not vice versa).

That can be accessed online. With an online crm we can access information faster anywhere.

Make it intuitive, to gain time working and spend that time where you are more productive (and not the other way around)
That has the right functionalities for your company, so that besides being simple it is useful.

Note: There are also ERP, which are more focused on other areas of the company (finance, revenue analysis, stock, accounting, etc ..) and that integrate a CRM to be called ERP-CRM systems. You can know more in detail what an ERP is in this article.

Types of CRM
There are several types of CRM: operational CRM, analytical CRM, and collaborative CRM

Operational CRM: The business processes of the company, that is, it is responsible for the management of marketing, sales and customer services. All these processes are called “Front Office” because the company has contact with the client.

Analytical CRM: It corresponds to the different applications and tools that provide customer information, so the analytical CRM is linked to a data warehouse or information called Data Warehouse. It is used in order to make decisions regarding products and services, and evaluate results.

Collaborative CRM: Allows interaction with the client through different communication channels, such as e-mail, telephone or chat.

Advantages and Benefits of a CRM system
The greatest benefit of a CRM system (CRM strategy + use of CRM software) is that it allows us to give 100% personalized and fast attention to the client. In this way, it helps customer loyalty as people can know the needs and expectations of each customer in a single click.

With CRM software you can segment your client portfolio, which also makes it easier to plan marketing and sales strategies more effectively and increase revenue.

How a CRM works
Depending on the company, the operation and functions of the CRM will be different. You can read “how a CRM works” to know more detail.

In our case, SugarCRM is made for SMEs and small businesses and is characterized by being very easy to use and manage customers. In any case, we have a series of tutorials to go step by step.

Note: To know another point of view you can also access this article from the UANL Digital Collection.

CRM free vs. CRM payment
Almost all CRMs in the market have a free CRM plan. In SugarCRM too. The important thing is always to know what differences exist between a free CRM vs a paid CRM.

Why SugarCRM was born
Because our founder, Tomás, has started 3 companies (Sketches, Tombola and Online media). And although at the beginning I managed them well with an Excel, as soon as I started to grow, I needed a CRM. For this reason, he tried almost all the CRM in the market and realized that the good ones were very difficult to use, and the simple ones were not useful.

So I create a CRM that solves its own problems, the problems of an SME.
You can continue reading the post here: Why SumaRM is born

Before you leave: Try SugarCRM for FREE now
And also get a FREE TOUR based on your business. The tour is 15 minutes, by phone and sharing the screen so that when you finish you know everything about CRM.

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