Characteristics of a CRM for a company

Characteristics of a CRM for a company

Thanks to the characteristics of a CRM we can know the needs of our customers and build loyalty, but not all CRM have the same characteristics and functions, so it is important that your company choose the solutions properly.

Characteristics of any CRM
As a general rule, CRM software has some common characteristics and others that depend on its target audience.

The basic characteristics are the following:

To be a database of information about the clients: it stores the information that we obtain of our clients to later use it in favor of the company.

It is a solution to improve customer service: thanks to knowing the data of our customers we can offer improvements in the products according to their needs, and also have better communication with them and interact.

It allows managing the organization’s agenda and keeping up to date with all the events. All tasks and cases can be registered in the CRM. It allows for identifying new business opportunities.

Thanks to the knowledge we have of the clients, we can identify potential consumers and satisfy their requests as well as retain new clients.

It is a tool that serves to improve the internal communication of the company and save time. Because all information is collected and employees have access to this we save meetings and do not lose any data.

CRM must be designed according to the needs of your company. Depending on the type of company and its business model there are different types of CRM and they can also be free or paid CRM.

We can find CRM for large companies or for SMEs, but also applications for B2B companies (business solutions for companies) or B2C (business solutions for end users).

Characteristics of SugarCRM
provides you:

Have all the information of each of your contacts in one place: each contact has a page where you can enter all your information and add notes or tasks.

You can invite to use the CRM to all your work team and add information relevant to them.

It allows you to create tasks and specify if it is for calls, meetings, budgets …, in addition, so that you do not forget what you have to do, SugarCRM sends you reminders to the e-mail.

You can track sales. SugarCRM has a negotiation module where you can follow the process of these. It makes it possible to import and export documents or files.

It has a simple and intuitive interface, adaptable to all devices thanks to its responsive design.

You can communicate with your contacts through the email from SugarCRM It facilitates access to the last activity carried out in the CRM so that you have at hand all your movements.

It has a module called “cases” to manage the internal projects of the company.

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