EUR / USD Higher peaks in Asia: a sign of things to come?

Around 1 am in London, the EUR / USD skyrocketed and, after closer inspection, the bid for the Euro was broadly based. This leaves a potential bullish break in the cards for the trading session of the United Kingdom or the United States before the weekend. While the driver is currently unknown, it may be … Read moreEUR / USD Higher peaks in Asia: a sign of things to come?

The big break of AUD / JPY increases the bullish bias

For the second consecutive day, the Japanese yen is the weakest main currency, since the current strong risk of the trend to sell in the safe haven currency. Meanwhile, the Australian has reached a large offer despite the fact that the RBA mentions “greater risks” for the household sector. As a result, AUD / JPY … Read moreThe big break of AUD / JPY increases the bullish bias

Merchants say ‘Me La’ Flextension ‘for 6 months

The EU granted flex tension of the United Kingdom until October 31 st, four more months of May PM requested. However, while today’s “meh” reaction points towards Brexit fatigue, the GBP’s winding nature suggests that volatility may be brewing. As Matt Weller pointed out just yesterday, it was more a matter of how long an … Read moreMerchants say ‘Me La’ Flextension ‘for 6 months

Key probe floor of NZD / USD before data dump in China mid-month

The markets are trading with a slight risk when we go to the press, with the US dollar. UU As the strongest main currency, while the Aussie and the kiwi are behind. Today’s fall in NZD / USD leaves the pair at a particularly interesting level: the rates are testing critical prior support and their … Read moreKey probe floor of NZD / USD before data dump in China mid-month

How to get Forex profits

Currency trading, as one of the most important markets in the world, is a very profitable opportunity and can bring huge profits to operators. Forex trading can also be very risky, especially for new inexperienced traders. That’s why every merchant must intelligently trade and improve their own trading tactic that works and follow it consistently. … Read moreHow to get Forex profits

Mixed report, mixed market reaction

The monthly non-farm payrolls report from the US UU It has a well-earned reputation for creating volatility in global financial markets, but even high-impact data is occasionally a mistake. As we anticipated in yesterday’s NFP preview report, the main number of jobs came from the high side of expectations. According to the BLS, the economy … Read moreMixed report, mixed market reaction

Brexit delayed, growing concerns

On Friday, the euro and European stocks sank as investors worried about a possible recession in the single currency bloc after the latest PMI data did not beat expectations. Yields fell further when investors piled into safe-haven bonds. It came after the Fed revised down its growth forecasts and the suggested rates would remain low … Read moreBrexit delayed, growing concerns

Trading in the Forex Market

Milan Marko contacted me through to write a description of the book for the new English version of his book, FOREX: Proven Trade Strategies for Financial Freedom. Marko published the original in German in 2016. Until I read your book, I had no idea what forex trading is. Your book is very informative and … Read moreTrading in the Forex Market